Setting Boundaries with Narcissists and Other Difficult Personalities

Learn how to effectively communicate what you want, even when it feels impossible

Do any of these sound familiar?

This course will teach you how to set boundaries in the most difficult relationships

  • You have a narcissist (or other difficult personality) in your life, but going "no contact" isn't an option

  • You dread interactions with this person because you always end up doing things you don't want to do

  • This person exhibits bad behavior repeatedly and you are at a loss for how to make it stop

  • Interactions can leave you feeling dazed and confused-- somehow whatever you say ends up getting twisted into something you didn't mean

  • Even though the narcissist is the one exhibiting the bad behavior, somehow you end up feeling like the one who is supposed to apologize

  • You often feel shocked by this person's outrageous behavior-- it's hard to believe even though it is happening

Teach yourself the skills you need to navigate tough conversations with the narcissist in your life

Course Curriculum

  • 1


    • A message from Diana

  • 2


    • Understand the basics of what a healthy boundary looks like

    • Learn a simple 3-step approach for boundary setting

    • Specific guidance for identifying your desired boundaries

    • How to communicate your boundaries with confidence

    • Increase your ability to follow through on the boundaries you set

    • Achievable strategies to overcome the most common obstacles

    • Set yourself up for success by taking things one baby step at a time

  • 3


    • Congratulations and next steps

    • Optional survey

Terms and Conditions

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This is a self-study course containing pre-recorded videos and downloadable worksheets. The course does not include live interaction or e-mail correspondence.

This course does NOT address boundary setting when a person's physical safety is at risk. If you are in a relationship where there is violence, or the threat of violence, your physical safety is the first priority. Call your local emergency services or 911 if necessary. Seek professional advice as needed.

This course is NOT a replacement for mental health services from a licensed professional.

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Course Presenter

Diana Calvo

Coach & Psychotherapist

Diana Calvo (she/her) works with individuals and couples who are wanting to make sense of their life experiences, navigate significant life transitions, and thrive in an increasingly complex world. Diana has a special interest in developmental trauma, family estrangement, and relationship challenges. She has niche expertise working with survivors of narcissistic abuse.